Which is the Best Luxury Watch – Tag Heuer, Omega or Rolex

 Tag heuer, omega and Rolex are amongst the biggest brands of watches in the market. They both have some of the perfect luxury watches that the human race has experienced to date. For a watch enthusiast choosing amongst the three can be a hassle. Tag Heuer vs Omega To help you make a decision of which brand between tag heuer vs omega is better, I will take you through the absolute most imperative angles and components that you ought to search for while looking for a watch. In my criteria…

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Rolex Finally Increases UK Prices for luxury watches by 10 Percent

Rolex luxury watches

 Rolex has finally adjusted upward the prices of the luxury watches in the United Kingdom. The Swiss brand is the last wrist luxury watchmaker to implement a 10% increase across the board. The cost increment has ended up being the first occasion when Rolex has increased their prices in the UK since 2012, and retailers were made aware of the price increase before it was effected on November first, 2016. A few watch groups, including Richemont and LVMH, who possess the absolute most prestigious watch marks on the planet, raised…

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Top 10 Luxury Watch Brands

Top 10 Luxury Watch Brands image

 Luxury watches are of much more importance than just showing time. They help both men and women to showcase  their sense of style .Additionally luxury watches are a quintessential utility in that they represent  taste , class , standard and personal style which is a perfect expression of whom someone really is and what they find of value.Luxury watch wearing is a classy way to catch the eye from the rest a.Most people  judge you within thirty seconds of meeting you ,and this is majorly based on visual indicators, by…

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Vacheron Constantin

Luxury watch vacheron

 The ultra luxury swiss watches by Vacheron Constantin and Jean marc vacheron began in 1755 when he came up with a time keeping masterpiece just by the use of basic materials in Geneva, switserland. Today , the legacy is a brand of the Richemont group.They stand out from other luxury watches by their traditional shapes and stylin, by which they articulately represent their heritage. The Pope Pius ix,Napoleon Bonaparte and Harry Truman are amongst the top known historic figures known to have worn their luxury watches.  

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Audemars Piguet

luxury Audemars Piguet

 The dynamically  daring version of the ultra luxury swiss watches by aucemars piguet are amongst the top most unique  luxury watches in the world. Since 1875, its founders Jules-Louis Audemaris and Edward-Auguste Piguet produce approximately 3600 brands of the luxurious watch annualy. It is well known for coming up with the first steel luxury sport watch. Tiffany & Co and Bulgari, well knowned jewellery division use this signed brand movement.The brand came up with a model which was dubbed the royal oak in 1972 with a very aggressive price which…

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World’s Most Expensive Watches

Most luxury watches

 Time you have wondered what are the most expensive watches in the world. We review the most expensive watches, popular brands with politicians, celebrities and other influential individuals. There exists many intricate details in luxurious million dollar watches like diamonds, expensive stones and gems that skyrocket there prices. These watches are fine detailed and most accurate in time telling due to the complicated mechanisms inside. Most have tourbillion, a mechanist that helps counter the force of gravity. Each of these watches has features that make an incredible story that will…

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