Waterproof Apple Watch Case

Waterproof Apple Watch Case

You may be thinking why you need a waterproof apple watch case for your luxury watch. This was the case with me until I went out on a rainy day and came back with my apple watch not working and all scratched up. Learn from my mistake brother or you will never learn.

I have now made it a religion to wear a waterproof apple watch case when out. It looks good and is easily identifiable as an Apple Watch, which makes me feel like I’m part of a special club. I always keep a waterproof apple watch case or shell nearby in case I want to go on a nature hike, painting or even dancing. I want my Apple Watch to retain its beautiful stainless steel shine.

If you agree with me and feel the same way, I have sampled some of the best waterproof apple watch case that you can wear all the time or occasionally to protect your watch.


Well if you have read up to this point you will be getting yourself one of the best waterproof watch cases for your apple watch. One of the waterproof apple watch cases to give you a piece of mind with military grade shock resistance protection. This award winning Apple Watch Case for 42mm, military grade drop proof for 6.6 feet (2 meters) has an impact resistant rugged polycarbonate case with light silicone case.

You enjoy a lifestyle with the best and original waterproof – dive as deep as 330 feet (100 meters), with amazing audio acoustic technology. IP68 Waterproof test score, double the tests rating of that of the Apple Watch

The convenience with touch screen like iphone, signature rotating crown dial, tactical side button – thoughtful design, access side button and rotating crown dial, touch screen like iphone, with full access to all sensors, bluetooth, heart rate monitor, magsafe charging, speaker and microphone.

An anti dust, anti smudge – clear silicone seals, can fit any 24mm watch band with the case – the only one in the market.

This case is designed for apple watch of 42mm – buy from Amazon to keep warranty. Model for 38mm also available.

Spigen Rugged Armor

While this apple case is not 100% waterproof I have used it before and it partially protects during rainy weathers.

Spigen is one of the best case makers not only for watches but even phones cases and they are great at it. The Spigen Rugged has been made with a flexible TPU that makes it smooth and comfortable on your wrist.

A new look featuring glossy accents and carbon fiber textures makes the Spigen first in my list for the waterproof apple watch case. It has a metallic button that covers your Apple Watch’s side button, without interfering with its functionality. Although the screen is scratch free, Amazon and Spigen have added two screen protectors. The watch case uses Air Cushion Technology for shock absorption and tactile buttons for solid feedback and an easy press. Available in white and black colors and in the 42mm 38mm versions.

The LUNATIK EPIK transforms  Apple Watch into a ruggedly refined companion more suited for the abuse your everyday active lifestyle dishes out.Obsessively designed to protect the Apple Watch it provides enhanced tactile control and unobstructed access to the watch’s sensor and features.

Protect your Apple Watch with this Lunatik EPIK canvas watch case and band. Polycarbonate construction makes this case scratch-resistant and durable, and its impact resistant rugged polycarbonate case with liquid silicone rubber waterproof jacket.

Waterproof to 50M/165ft Depth (5ATM). Full access to all sensors, magsafe charging, heart rate sensor, speaker and microphone. Knurled oversized crown for easy access and use in physical activities .Soft silicone band with Anti-dust and dirt nano coating; enhances sensor connection with wrist.

Available in white and black colors and is designed for the 42mm versions

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