Who wins when it comes to Watches – Clinton or Trump

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2016 was a decision year on the planet’s super power. Regardless of where you are in our reality on the planet at this moment, it is highly unlikely that the 2016 decision for President of the United States has avoided your consideration. Yes, Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump have had what’s coming to them of revives, open deliberations, twitter battles, and now in 2017 that is past. In any case, it is highly unlikely I could abstain from taking a gander at what watches these two wear and, strangely enough, the brands picked by each uncover a great deal about them.
Clinton – Former First lady
Back to the hopefuls, how about we accept that one’s taste and decision in wristwatches reflects or uncovers a few parts of their identity, in light of the fact that doing as such positively shows some broadly held view of both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. Hillary Clinton has regularly been viewed as somebody who plays it quite sheltered and whose political persona isn’t precisely observed as zapping. That being said, she’s a backbone who has seen managed achievement and glory in American governmental issues as a First Lady, two-time congressperson, Secretary of State, and now chosen one for President. Her brands of decision? Rolex and Chanel. Rolex sounds good to me as a watch mark for somebody who fits the previously mentioned depiction. Also, if any brand says First Lady – it might be Chanel.

Trump– Businessman
Then again, Donald Trump is an extremely rich person land engineer and media identity with a practically habitual need to brand anything he can get his hands on, running from condo edifices to steaks to, you got it, watches. He’s likewise known to undoubtedly overstate his riches and is the sort of fellow who says “trust me” a ton. Remembering this, it doesn’t come as a stun at all that as opposed to.

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