World’s Most Expensive Watches

Most luxury watches

Time you have wondered what are the most expensive watches in the world. We review the most expensive watches, popular brands with politicians, celebrities and other influential individuals.

There exists many intricate details in luxurious million dollar watches like diamonds, expensive stones and gems that skyrocket there prices. These watches are fine detailed and most accurate in time telling due to the complicated mechanisms inside.

Most have tourbillion, a mechanist that helps counter the force of gravity. Each of these watches has features that make an incredible story that will make you realise what is like to own a watch designated only for the most affluent individuals!

  1. Audemars Piguet Jules Grand Complications mechanical-hand-wind mens Watch (Certified Pre-owned) – Price: $275,500.00 (as of 12th Dec 2016)

One of the World’s finest and most expensive watches. This is the watch that you get to swimming with, thanks for its water resistant nature to 20 meters. A tourbillon feature and a round case made of 18k rose gold. The back case is transparent and reveals the watch’s amazing mechanics that supplements the brown alligator strap made of leather.

This luxury watch is a delightful timepiece from the famous Audemrs Piguet.

High Grade Rating: 98

Authenticated By: WatchFacts

Model Year : 2016

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